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Synopsis for "Doomsday"

Carol returns to the restaurant she damaged earlier in her fight against Warbird and meets the owner, William Wagner. After some friendly conversation, the two agree to a date.

Meanwhile, deep within Manhattan's sewers, two A.I.M. scientists oversee the dormant Doomsday Man, who dreams of taking revenge against Ms. Marvel. The scientists open the Doomsday Man's robotic shell to make sure Kerwin Korman is still comatose. In a few moments, however, Korman awakens and seizes control of the Doomsday Man, killing everyone on his path.

Later that night, Carol has dinner with William in his rebuilt restaurant. For once, she is happy she has someone she can share things other than her superhero life with. As they go to her apartment, they find Araña with a captured A.I.M. scientist. Ms. Marvel is forced to take William outside but promises to call him later.

Ms. Marvel and Araña interrogate the scientist, who reveals the Doomsday Man was under A.I.M.'s control. After the Avengers defeated him and sent him to the hospital, A.I.M. captured him and attempted to create others like him to no avail. However, the Doomsday Man has escaped. The A.I.M. scientist escapes but not before revealing the Doomsday Man is in a nearby warehouse.

Ms. Marvel heads to the warehouse alone, advising Araña to call Iron Man should things look bad. As soon as Ms. Marvel arrives, the Doomsday Man calls an army of Targoths to surround her.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Bursting out of an A.I.M. storage facility - the sinister cybernetic DOOMSDAY MAN! But who would reactivate Doomsday Man after so many years? And can they ever hope to control him?
  • Also this issue... a new man in Ms. Marvel's life and guest star Araٌna! Writer Brian Reed (New Avengers: Illuminati) and penciler Roberto De La Torre bring you the frightening tale of Ms. Marvel's oldest foe returning to life!


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and trade paperbacks. [1]

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  1. Ms. Marvel Volume 3: Operation Lightning Storm TPB #1
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