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Quote1.png All you can do is try to kill! Well, I was trained to kill! Maybe I should show you how it's done! Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Something Dark is Coming"

Anya watches Ms. Marvel’s fight with the Doomsday Man from a rooftop until she receives a call from Simon. She tells him what is going on while Ms. Marvel is swarmed by Targoths. Doomsday Man, having upgraded his suit, attacks Ms. Marvel, who is infected with Targoth material. As he takes hold of the neck, he furiously shouts he was captured by A.I.M. after the Avengers sent him to the hospital, and now he wants payback. Araña goes into action when she sees a man being turned into a Targoth.

Ms. Marvel briefly loses unconscious and listens to a few voices discussing her condition. One voice doubts her recovery but the other is confident she will make it. As soon as she wakes, Ms. Marvel is fully healed and goes off to find Doomsday Man. Araña finds him first, however, and attempts to take him on, but Doomsday Man grabs her and tears her carapace off her face. The pain causes Anya to pass out.

Angry, Ms. Marvel attacks Doomsday Man with everything she’s got and tears Korman off the armor. With a mocking smile, Korman thanks Ms. Marvel for releasing him but Ms. Marvel spares him. Later, the authorities take Korman away while Simon asks Carol about the A.I.M. scientist she captures; and Carol admits he escaped.

Meanwhile, at a secret A.I.M. bunker, the scientist is in session with a group of A.I.M. leaders. He was the one who reactivated Doomsday Man and gave Korman full control of the armor. The seven A.I.M. leaders want to know where Modok is, and the scientist knows but wants to be paid for his services.

At her office, Sarah receives a file about William, Carol’s new boyfriend. She has plans to deal with him sooner, rather than later.

Later, Carol attempts to visit Anya at the hospital, but her father, angry that Anya was injured despite Carol’s supervision, angrily demands she stay away from her family. Carol is left devastated by her failure.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The seeds of Ms. Marvel’s upcoming new status quo are planted here! Killer robots! Contagious zombies! Impatient teen side-kicks! Could it get any worse for Carol Danvers? You bet – because as our heroine battles the cybernetic psychopath known as the Doomsday Man, she learns a terrifying truth about herself!
  • All this, plus Araٌa and Wonder Man! Writer Brian Reed (New Avengers: Illuminati) and penciler Roberto De La Torre welcome onboard new cover artist Greg Horn (She-Hulk) – and get you ready for next month’s new era!

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