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Quote1.png Carol? Hey, it's Simon. Ummmm, I know you said not to come by for a few days, do I say this? I miss you. There. I've said it. I miss you and, well-- Quote2.png
Wonder Man

Appearing in "Monster and Marvel: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Monster and Marvel: Part 1"

The alien creature Cru attacks Carol Danvers, who quickly changes into Ms. Marvel and fights back, as she receives several phone messages about something happening with the Daily Bugle. The creature defeats her, Agent Sum, and Machine Man who have arrived to help her, and flies away with Danvers’ unconscious body.

Carol wakes up in orbit and then plummets down to Earth, crashing into a body of water. She is then greeted by an alien creature calling itself Cru, but now taking a more female appearance and communicating with her by taping into her own mind. Danvers reproaches the alien for trying to destroy the Earth; Cru says there were misunderstandings. Danvers, who has been stripped of her powers, severs their mind link and suddenly realizes she is on Monster Island, as an enormous monster attacks.

Back on the SHIELD mini-helicarrier, Robot Man’s severed head has been inserted atop an LMD of Monica Rambeau as Photon, while Arana looks for Carol’s cat Chewie. The Avengers do not respond to Agent Sum’s call for help, except Wonder Man, who says he will help find Carol.

On Monster Island, a powerless Carol Danvers flees from two giant monsters. Finally, Cru returns and beseeches her to join with her, to recharge each others’ powers. Cru shows Carol a vision of her own homeworld before the Brood came, and says her near destruction of Earth was only to save it from the same fate. Now she is tracking another pod, containing a Brood Queen, which landed on Monster Island. As they commune on the psychic plane, their physical bodies are surrounded by an army of Brood.

Solicit Synopsis

  • This is it - one of the biggest mysteries of Ms. Marvel's life is revealed. The march to Ms. Marvel's record-breaking issue #25 begins here as Brian Reed (NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI) and Aaron Lopresti (INCREDIBLE HULK) take Carol Danvers to Monster Island where the very fate of the planet.

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