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Carol Danvers

Appearing in "Monster and Marvel: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Monster and Marvel: Part 2"

Cru continues her mind/body meld with Carol Danvers, aiming to permanently separate their intertwined consciousnesses. During the process, however, their physical bodies are left defenseless on Monster Island, where a group of Brood prepares to attack them.

Sensing them coming, Carol wakes up and detaches herself from Cru to face down the Brood, who decides to kill her and take Cru before their queen. Carol fights them and succeeds in killing two of them by hijacking their own weaponry, but the others abscond with Cru’s body. Cru’s consciousness, still lodged in Carol, says they must follow them and recover her body.

Aboard the SHIELD minicarrier, a doctor gives Rick Sheridan a device that will free Sleepwalker on command, but risks giving him brain damage if overused. Agent Sum and Anya try to track the alien vessel to find Carol; they localize her on Monster Island.

On the island, Carol Danvers finds the Brood queen’s nest swarming with activity, and the Brood have already taken over several Moloids. Cru tries to take over Carol’s body to fight them, but Carol resists. She then has visions of several past versions of herself in different costumes, who guide her through Cru’s memories of her desolated homeworld. Meanwhile, her physical body has been overtaken by Cru who fights the Brood but is ultimately stunned and captured by them. Awakening in her own body, Carol is dragged before the Brood Queen, who declares Earth to be the new Brood homeworld.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The Brood return! Carol Danvers is alone and powerless on Monster Island, surrounded by creatures that want her blood!
  • Brian Reed (CAPTAIN MARVEL) and Aaron Lopresti (INCREDIBLE HULK) bring you a tale of monsters and the many faces of Ms. Marvel!


This issue mistakenly depicts Monster Island as being located in the Bermuda Triangle. It is actually located in the northern Pacific Ocean near Japan.

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