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Quote1.png That's it?! Ignore me and leave me behind on the minicarrier like some sort of...of...kid?! I am punching the first person who tells me I'm safer here than down there. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Monster and Marvel: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Monster and Marvel: Part 3"

Carol Danvers recalls her time as Binary, when she nearly exterminated all the Brood and killed the Brood Queen. Yet the Brood Queen is back, and very eager to have revenge on Carol Danvers. The Brood Queen says Carol’s actions only served to make her invincible. Carol attacks, hoping that Cru’s healing factor, still within her body, will help her. The Brood Queen stabs her through the belly, seemingly killing her.

Machine Man, Wonder Man, Sleepwalker, and Agent Sum arrive on Monster Island and begin tracking Carol. Realizing they will facing Brood, Agent Sum wants to call for backup, but the Brood swarms soon attacks. They overwhelm the heroes and begin invading the SHIELD mini-carrier.

In the Brood cave, Carol Danvers touches Cru’s body with her final breath, but the contact allows Cru to merge their bodies once again, and revivify Carol, who takes on her Binary flame and powers, and flies up to the Brood Queen attacking the mini-carrier, preparing for final battle.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Carol Danvers is stranded and powerless on Monster Island, surrounded by a nest full of Brood, and trying desperately to survive. When the Lightning Storm team comes to her rescue, things only get worse!
  • Brian Reed (Captain Marvel) and Aaron Lopresti (Incredible Hulk) continue their run towards Ms. Marvel's historic 25th issue with this tale of Monsters and Marvels!

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