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Quote1.png The Skrull is currently masquerading as Carol Danvers. Quote2.png
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Appearing in "Monster and Marvel: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Monster and Marvel: Part 4"

Newly powered up by Cru with her cosmic Binary powers, Ms. Marvel decimates the swarm of Brood. The Brood Queen infiltrates the mini-carrier and finds the explosive that Agent Sum had prepared in case of defeat. Agent Sum tries to trigger it, but is out of bullets. Luckily, Carol shows up and flings the Brood Queen off the ship and to the rim of an active volcano, just as her binary powers begin to fade.

The Brood now gains the upper hand, until a fully revived Cru appears and blasts the Brood Queen. But when she turns to explain her regeneration to Carol, the Brood Queen punctures her through the head, and tosses her into the volcano. It turns back to batter Carol, who finds the bomb prepared by Agent Sum, which the Brood had carried with her.

Carol flies up into space with the Brood in tow, and triggers the device. The explosion does not kill the Brood Queen but sends her flying away from Earth, with no way to halt her momentum. Carol crashes back to Earth but is recovered by Wonder Man.

Later, Anya visits her father; Robot Man gets his normal body back; and Carol contemplates the events of the last few days. Elsewhere, Tony Stark meets with Agent Sum and reveals to him about the widespread Skrull infiltration. He wants Sum to take down a Skrull that is currently posing as Carol Danvers.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Brian Reed and Aaron Lopresti break the record set by Ms. Marvel's original series by reaching the twenty-fourth issue (cue fireworks)...and they do it in style!
  • On Monster Island, surrounded by thousands of Brood, Carol Danvers regains her long lost Binary abilities...but the price may be her life!

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