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Quote1.png If I die today, I'm taking as many of these damn aliens with me as I can. Quote2.png
Ms. Marvel

Appearing in "Secret Invasion: The Battle of Manhattan"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • New York Citizens



Synopsis for "Secret Invasion: The Battle of Manhattan"

Ms. Marvel returns from the Savage Land just as the army of Super-Skrulls begins its attack on Manhattan. Carol takes out numerous Super-Skrulls single-handedly before she is blind-sided by one that has assumed the form of World War Hulk. Carol is stunned by its initial attack, but uses her superior strength to fly the Hulk-Skrull out of Earth’s atmosphere, then gladly watches it suffocate in outer space.

Carol races back to the battlefield and begins to relish having an enemy to fight. She unleashes her power on one Super-Skrull after another, saving a number of civilians in the process. However, realizing that Ms. Marvel has gained the upper hand, one of the Super-Skrulls shapeshifts into a human girl right as Carol is about to strike. Carol flinches and, seeing this weakness, the rest of the Super-Skrulls shift into human forms as well and immediately blend in with the crowd of bystanders.

The Skrulls use the confusion to attack Carol and kill one of the civilians. In order to flush the disguised Skrulls out, Carol hits the whole crowd with photon blasts strong enough to knock down the humans but not the more powerful Skrulls. The Skrulls see this “attack” on the humans as a sign that Ms. Marvel is a Skrull impostor, and they reveal themselves to her. This gives Carol the opening she needs and she kills the remaining shapeshifters.

Carol turns back to the civilians, who she realizes are now frightened of her after she turned her powers on them. She says that she won’t explain her actions, but that they need to follow her to Stark Tower, where they’ll be safe. Before she can begin to escort the group, however, a massive Skrull mimicking the powers of Giant Man appears above them. Carol tells the humans to run.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The SECRET INVASION is here and the Battle for Manhattan has begun. Earth's heroes have been scattered, New York City is under siege and only Ms. Marvel is left to stand up for humanity.

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