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Quote1.png All right, you gigantic Skrull &%$#. Time for die. Quote2.png
Ms. Marvel

Appearing in "The Battle of Manhattan: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "The Battle of Manhattan: Part 2"

Ms. Marvel shouts at the civilians to run as a Giant-Man Super-Skrull looms overhead. The Skrull pulls down an office building as it bares down on the crowd, causing a number of people to fall to their deaths despite Ms. Marvel’s best efforts. Ms. Marvel blasts out one of the Skrull’s eyes and impales it through the chest with a radio antenna, then uses the antenna as a conductor to channel an enormous photon burst that kills the creature.

Agent Sum arrives in the aftermath and he and Ms. Marvel agree that Stark Tower is the safest place for the civilians. After the two fend off another attack, Carol flies ahead and discovers that Stark Tower is completely locked down. She returns and tells Sum the bad news before coming up with plan B: get the group to The Raft - an easily defended island that also happens to have access to the S.H.I.E.L.D. communications network. The two heroes begin ushering the civilians onto an abandoned bus nearby when they notice a swarm of dozens of Super-Skrulls closing in fast.

Ms. Marvel tells Agent Sum to drive the bus away, then charges into the Skrulls and draws their attack. Carol begins to realize that the Skrulls have only mimicked a limited number of superpowers, and zeroes in on one she recognizes has the explosive abilities of Nitro. She enrages the Skrull enough that it unleashes its full power, incinerating its allies and ending the threat. Carol then locates the bus and flies it out to The Raft.

When they land, Ms. Marvel and Sum notice that the prison’s sensors are down and Carol enters the facility alone to investigate. Inside she finds pools of blood and a number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents dead, held upside-down to the walls and ceiling by metal bars in a ritualistic fashion. Carol finds one survivor, who tells her to her horror that the Skrull that killed these agents frightened even the other Skrulls...

Solicit Synopsis

  • SECRET INVASION tie-in! Intergalactic war comes to the streets of Manhattan!
  • As Ms. Marvel stands alone before the Skrull invasion, she must find the warrior within and stop an army of invincible killers!

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