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Quote1.png Odd. I'm not sure if it's organic, doesn't appear to be entirely synthetic either. Fascinating. Quote2.png
Mister Fantastic

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Synopsis for 1st story

The explosion of the Cavorite crystals throws both Ms. Marvel and Cru into low orbit. Ms. Marvel is at a major disadvantage, as the explosion burned off all oxygen and she is running out of air. As she flies back to Earth to catch her breath, she watches in shock as Spaulding, Georgia, is reduced to a huge crater. Suddenly, Cru stabs her right arm from behind and Ms. Marvel retaliates by punching him into space with her left arm. Then, she absorbs the energy on the Cavorite crystal in Cru's weapon and releases a massive explosion that obliterates Cru and throws Ms. Marvel back to Earth.

The next morning, newscasts report on the Spaulding explosion and the Fantastic Four are sent to investigate. There, they find an unconscious Carol with her arm covered in a strange, alien material. Later, Carol gets her arm in a cast and returns home, ignoring all the reporters who want her opinion on the Spaulding event. But as she enters her apartment, she finds Sarah Day waiting for her, alongside the Super Powers TV crew, ready for her interview.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Ms. Marvel has got the whole world in her hands as she battles for the fate of humanity with an all-new foe! To make matters worse, our hero has some inner demons that need battling as well.
  • Guest starring the Fantastic Four!


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