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Quote1.png Dial-a-power, huh? So you're a bigger badder version of what's all over the city? Quote2.png
Ms. Marvel

Appearing in "The Battle of Manhattan: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Battle of Manhattan: Conclusion"

Ms. Marvel walks through the Raft and finds Tiger Shark being attacked by a Super Skrull. Then, she fights the Super Skrull while Tiger Shark escapes. The Super Skrull grabs her by the hair and throws her to a wall. However, she recovers and the Super Skrull begins to attack her with several powers. She manages to land several blows, but the Super Skrull begins to freeze Ms. Marvel. She tries to escape but the Super Skrull grabs her and the two continue fighting in the city. Using her rays to unfreeze herself, Ms. Marvel manages to pierce the Super Skrull's eyes, although she says it will grow new ones. The two then fly across several buildings and into the sewers. Flying back to the city, Ms. Marvel sees the Super Skrull fighting against other Skrulls. She takes her chance and unleashes a blasts that kills the Super Skrull. However, she then sees a HYDRA tatoo in the Super Skrull.

In Hong Kong, six months later, Carol, in the alias of Catherine Donovan, meets Ghazi and threatens to kill him.

Solicit Synopsis

Ms. Marvel discovers the Skrulls’ dark secret hidden away within Riker's Island. Something even worse than the armies already rampaging across the Earth? Most definitely.

  • Brian Reed (CAPTAIN MARVEL) and Adriana Melo (Witchblade) bring the tale of Ms. Marvel and the Skrull invasion to its brutal conclusion.

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