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Quote1.png C.I.A. has shoot-to-kill orders placed on both Mason and myself. And now there's a price on Carol's head. So who wants to help me save the world? Quote2.png
Michael Rossi

Appearing in "Secret Agent Danvers, Part 2: Vitamin"

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Synopsis for "Secret Agent Danvers, Part 2: Vitamin"

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Solicit Synopsis

  • The untold tale of Carol Danvers' days as a secret agent continues! What is Ascension? What is the CIA doing in Afghanistan? And what does all of this have to do the post-Secret Invasion world?
  • Brian Reed (SECRET INVASION: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Paulo Siqueira (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) have all the answers.


  • This issue shows the first meeting between Carol and her future partner and lover Michael Rossi. Previous accounts in Ms. Marvel #19 and Uncanny X-Men #182 had them meeting at the beginning of Carol's Air Force career.
  • During the flashback in Berlin, Rossi mentions that the last he heard of Rick Mason, he was in Costa Brava. This is apparently intended as a reference to the events of Marvel Graphic Novel: Rick Mason, The Agent #1, but creates some chronology problems.


  • In issue Vol 1 32 Carol's left arm was broken, but she wears a cast on her right arm in this issue.

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