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Ms. Marvel

Appearing in "The Death of Ms. Marvel Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Death of Ms. Marvel Conclusion"

As they fight on the streets of Hong Kong, Ghazi Rashid tells Carol Danvers that he used to work with her former lover and presumed ally, Michael Rossi, when Rossi was known by the codename Vitamin. Hearing that Rossi has been lying to her for years causes Carol’s memory of her life before her encounter with Rogue to return to her. She uses this newfound clarity to tap into her powers - which were overcharged during the Skrull invasion and are now causing her intense pain each time she uses them - and transform into Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel pushes through the pain and unleashes on Rashid, but the powers he was granted by Ascension have made him more resilient than she anticipated. As the fight continues, Ms. Marvel loses control of her powers and becomes overwhelmed as pure energy starts emanating dangerously from her body. She uses this heightened power level to finally get the best of Rashid, who is left badly burned but still alive.

Rick Mason finds Ms. Marvel and reassures her that he will take care of Rossi, but says that first he wants to help her. Carol says she doesn’t think he can, then flies into the sky above Hong Kong as the energy continues to overcome her. Once she’s safely above the city, Ms. Marvel is engulfed in a blast of heat and light and seemingly dies. Mason rushes to Rossi’s rooftop post to intercept him, but all he finds is a bomb Rossi left behind. Mason is caught in the subsequent explosion. Meanwhile, Rossi escapes with an unconscious Rashid.

Three days later, Mason - alive and well thanks to tricks he learned from his father, The Tinkerer - tracks Rossi down in Rio de Janeiro. He’s been hired by Norman Osborn, who also enlisted Rossi to betray Ms. Marvel and obtain Rashid for him. Mason kills Rossi on his hotel balcony and tells Osborn he is next.

Osborn tells Karla Sofen the news that Carol Danvers is dead and that she is now the one and only Ms. Marvel.

Solicit Synopsis

  • It's a throwdown in Hong Kong against the mysteriously powered Ghazi as Ms. Marvel finally discovers the origin of her mysterious enemy.
  • However, Carol has been keeping a secret connected to the Dark Reign concerning Norman Osborn and it may just mean she won't survive the fight.

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