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Quote1.png It always amuses me how people so ready to do the Devil's work fall into asking for God's help when things don't play out as planned. Quote2.png
Ms. Marvel

Appearing in "Meet the New Boss..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • CIA
    • Dr. Gerald Wright (First and only known appearance; dies)

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Synopsis for "Meet the New Boss..."

Karla Sofen - the new and only Ms. Marvel after Carol Danvers’ presumed death - returns to Avengers Tower after stopping an armored truck robbery. Norman Osborn is there to greet her. Osborn tells Ms. Marvel that the government is mandating psych evaluations for the entire Avengers team, and he wants her to meet with the shrink first so that Osborn can get her professional opinion of him.

Dr. Gerald Wright begins their session by asking Ms. Marvel about her deceased mother. Suddenly, reality shifts and Karla is a kid again, back in her childhood home talking to her mother instead of Dr. Wright. Karla sees through the illusion immediately and realizes Dr. Wright is a psychic, much to the doctor’s surprise. Wright - still projecting himself as Karla’s mother - asks Karla why she wasn’t by her mother’s side when she died, but Karla refuses to play along. Wright shifts tactics and takes on the form of The Hulk, pushing Karla harder, this time for information on the moonstone that gave her her powers. He then confesses that he was a CIA psychic, and that Carol Danvers’ death spurred him to manipulate his way into Avengers Tower so that he could kill the entire new team of Osborn’s Avengers.

Wright then forces Karla to begin strangling herself. But Karla psychically shows Wright how she in fact murdered her mother, an image that shocks the doctor enough that he loses his hold on Karla. She then blasts the doctor’s arm off and proceeds to kill him, officially ending their therapy session.

Solicit Synopsis

  • FROM THE PAGES OF DARK AVENGERS! Now it can be revealed.
  • After the fall of Carol Danvers, the villainous Moonstone has now taken up the mantle of the world’s greatest super-heroine.
  • And don’t worry…she’s gonna save the hell out of you.


  • This issue contained a variant Wolverine cover for Wolverine Art Appreciation month.
  • This issue is the first appearance of the Ms. Marvel logo that would later be associated with Kamala Khan.

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