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Quote1.png Then a job well done all around, Ms. Marvel. Job well done. Quote2.png
Norman Osborn

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Synopsis for 1st story

In Saudi Arabia, two trucks are driving across the desert. Suddenly, they approach a mysterious pink-colored energy being, with a distinctly female form. The entity speaks in an incomprehensible language. The drivers tell it about "two batches" on a boat and in Atlanta before they are killed.

In Atlanta, a meteor crashes into an office build by an A.I.M. reverse mass driver. The damage is lessened by Ms. Marvel, aka Karla Sofen. She is interviewed by the media but she avoids questions about not being the real M.s Marvel. She reports back to Osborn about the group of A.I.M. accountants she found.

Flashing back to minutes earlier, Karla storms into their office. The man in charge, Reginald Fisher orders his people to stand down. Karla then tells him Osborn's offer to unite the warring factions of A.I.M. to support him. Fisher then shows her a batch of baby M.O.D.O.K.s, which were created from old M.O.D.O.C. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing), as the next generation of Storytellers, able to create things with their minds. To prove that A.I.M. doesn't need Osborn, they have already sent a meteor to Manhattan, Stark Tower, which she is supposed to fly out to save. Suddenly, Karla hears a few voices in her head, stating that A.I.M. is hurting them.

Back to the present, it is revealed that Karla sent the meteor back to Atlanta to kill Fisher.

Somewhere in the Atlantic, the Donna Blue cruiser is engulfed in flames. This time, a blue colored female entity is on board, locating the batch of M.O.D.O.K. it was looking for. The M.O.D.O.K.s scream that she is not Ms. Marvel.

Karla had stolen the Atlanta batch of M.O.D.O.Ks, hidden from Osborn. Suddenly, a yellow colored entity bursts in, obviously demanding the babies.

Solicit Synopsis

The Dark Reign is in full effect. Carol Danvers is dead. Moonstone has taken on the mantle of Ms. Marvel. And the only hope for the forces of good is...Machine Man?!

  • Brian Reed & Patrick Olliffe kick off a new chapter in the legend of Ms. Marvel!

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