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In the Church of Hala in Los Angeles, someone has attacked the place, and that person appears to be Captain Marvel.

Two days later, at the Cedars-Sinai hospital, Carol Danvers infiltrates the place as medical staff, while H.A.M.M.E.R. goons are searching the place. She is forced to knock out two agents when they asked for her I.D., to get to Nathan Jefferson to ask him about the attack. Nathan explains that the person who hurt him was not Captain Marvel, as he did not show any forms of flight or energy beams. He admits that there were other attacks. He directs her to his laptop, detailing everything. After reading everything, she writes an e-mail to Essential.

Thirty-eight hours later in St. Louis, Danvers arrives at the intended location, when she is blasted. She absorbs the energy beam, before retaliating back at her attacker. She soon finds that her attacker is really Rick Mason, who was just trying to confirm if it was really her. Moving onto business, Danvers quickly talks with Essential, who shows her that the Captain Marvel she is seeing fight more like a woman. Danvers can only think of one person: Mystique. Essential is able to track down Mystique's footprints, right to a Gordon Marks, who lives in Cobalt, Idaho. Danvers decides to handle this personally.

Arriving at Gordon's farm, she attacks "him', refusing to play any games. Gordon drops the surprised look before turning serious. Next thing Danvers knows, there is a huge explosion.

Solicit Synopsis

Ms. Marvel vs. Mystique! She raised Rogue, the woman who stole Carol’s powers and memories, and now the sinister shape-shifter is coming for Ms. Marvel herself!

  • Yes, the collision readers have demanded since issue #1 is here as the march to the momentous issue #50 begins now!

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