Quote1 Dammit, Carol! How can you not see what's happening? How can you not see how wrong this all is?! Quote2
-- Julia Carpenter

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Synopsis for "For the Best"

Shroud is under custody at the Avengers Tower and Carol interrogates him about Julia Carpenter's recovery and whereabouts. Max remembers how Julia was left paraplegic but doctors were able to synthesize the spider-formula that gave Julia her powers. In time, she regained her powers and ability to walk. She was able to reconnect with her daughter Rachel and get her life back on track. He calls Carol out on her work to hunt people down like animals, and for someone who is supposed to be a hero, she is acting like a thug. Carol throws it back at him, saying that Julia smashed her into a guardrail and put innocent people in danger.

Later, Ms. Marvel and her team, Araña included, arrive at Denver, Colorado. Julia is staying with her parents and is packing her bags with Rachel. At first, Ms. Marvel attempts to have Julia come with her without further incident, but Julia refuses to join the government's crusade and locks her daughter up in a car to protect her. Julia attacks her, but Ms. Marvel takes her down and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents separate her from her daughter.

Anya is left shocked by the turn of events and begins having doubts about SHRA. Carol also expresses regret at taking Julia away from Rachel. When she returns to her apartment, Carol stumbles upon a surprise guest: it is Rogue, and she and Carol have a problem to solve.

Solicit Synopsis

  • While training newly-registered superheroes, Ms. Marvel must also track down an old friend who has gone rogue!

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