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Quote1.png Dammit it! Do you know that I've been beating myself up lately? Totally riding myself about not doing all I could be doing. I've felt like I was a failure and as if I'd been wasting my talents, but you-- Quote2.png
Carol Danvers

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Synopsis for "Doppelganger"

Ms. Marvel is not happy at having Rogue at her apartment unannounced, but Rogue is not here to fight and only wants to know why Carol launched an unprovoked attack on her. Carol and Rogue go to Carol's bedroom, only to find another Carol sleeping on her bed. The other Carol wakes up and attacks Rogue, forcing Ms. Marvel to neutralize her other-self. In order to solve this mystery, Ms. Marvel and Rogue take the new Carol to the X-Men.

At the Xavier School, Beast determines this new Carol comes from an alternate reality. The new Carol wakes up, but Ms. Marvel prevents another fight and asks her to explain herself. The new Carol calls herself "Warbird" and wears a different suit. Her story is the same as Ms. Marvel's: her powers were drained by Rogue and she was left in the hospital, where Professor X was only able to partially restore her memory. However, the trauma of losing her powers was left with her and she did not respond to the Avengers' call for help during the Spaulding situation. Her entire world was obliterated in that explosion.

Beast postulates the shockwave blast must have caused Warbird to tumble across dimensions until arriving here, but Ms. Marvel is disgusted Warbird allowed her depression to get the better of her. Ms. Marvel and Warbird attack each other and both are left unconscious. Beast checks on Ms. Marvel's vitals and finds something unsettling.

Solicit Synopsis

  • BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! Rogue appears in the pages of MS. MARVEL! But, if Rogue is a friend, why is Carol Danvers attacking her?! What can Beast of the X-Men do to help? And what does Ms. Marvel’s old call sign “Warbird” have to do with ANY of this?!
  • Writer Brian Reed is joined by special guest artist Mike Wieringo in part one of a tingling two-part saga!


  • In the flashback of alternate reality Carol Danvers, Spalding County, is misspelled as Spaulding County.

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