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Quote1.png Wait a minute. I have super-powers. I saved somebody's life on Friday. I am 911! But -- everybody's expecting Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel from the news. With the hair and the spandex and the Avengers swag. Not a sixteen-year-old brown girl with a 9 pm curfew. Too late for second thoughts. Don't worry, Bruno... help is on the way. Quote2.png
Kamala Khan

Appearing in "No Normal. Part 3 of 5: Side Entrance"

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Synopsis for "No Normal. Part 3 of 5: Side Entrance"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• The All-New Ms. Marvel has already gained international fame.

• But in Kamala’s case, star-power comes with a whole lot of... awkwardness.

• Find out why the most exciting new Marvel hero is also the most loveable!

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