Nothing is known of Ms. Yoshida's past, save that she was a telepathic mutant who rejected the ideals of both Professor X and Magneto, instead using her gift to become wealthy in the business world.[1]

At some point, she met the Gauntlet, a group of others like her, including Mr. Beckham, Lau, and Helen Burnside, and they discovered, that if they combined their powers, they could access other worlds in the Multiverse.[1]

On one such occasion, on a visit to a reality "down-spiral" (meaning less-advanced) than Earth-616, they discovered a race of highly-adaptable creatures inhabiting a nearly-destroyed version of Earth. The Gauntlet decided they could exploit these beings to make money, and so kidnapped the race's children in hopes of using their body parts to corner the market on donor organs. However, one of the adult creatures followed them back, killed Beckham, and threatened to come for the rest of them. The attack alerted X-Man, who had become mutantkind's "shaman," to the threat facing the mutants.[2]

Nate met with the Gauntlet, but the down-spiral creature attacked again. The creature fought Nate as the Gauntlet, including Yoshida, escaped. Nate defeated the creature, but in the process scanned its mind to learn of its problem with the Gauntlet. Following this, Nate contacted Yoshida to learn the Gauntlet's story, but was pulled into the broken reality before he could learn it, face-to-face with the creature, who revealed to him the horrible truth. Upon Nate's return, he executed the Gauntlet for their crimes, Ms. Yoshida being the first to die. The others quickly followed, all except Helen Burnside, whose idea it was to steal the children. She was left in the broken world, for the creatures to do with as they saw fit.[2]


Ms. Yoshida was a powerful telepath (though not nearly as powerful as X-Man) who could link her mind with others who had the same powers. When standing in a circular position with the others to whom her mind was linked, she could travel to other worlds in the Multiverse, not just to parallel Earths but to alternate realities in both higher and lower planes of existence.[1]

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