Mt'nox was the greatest sorcerer in Skrull history. When Emperor Kl'rt brought the Time Stone to Tarnax II, he had Mt'nox study it in hopes to expand its already enormous power.

Not long afterwards, Tarnax II was visited by Doctor Strange and Kanna to seek Mt'nox's help since Doctor Strange was on a journey to encounter sorcerers from other planets. Mt'nox was reporting his findings on the Time Stone to Kl'rt when Strange attacked him with the Klukorian Thunderwand and stole the gem from him, having determined it was too dangerous to be in the hands of the Skrull Empire. During the following fight, Kanna used the Shield of Frost to protect herself from a stream of flames released by Kl'rt. She positioned herself in front of Mt'nox, who was confronting Doctor Strange, and jumped away from the fire stream, causing Kl'rt to accidentally set Mt'nox on fire and kill him.[1]


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