An apathetic carnival performer apparently made of swamp muck, Muck Monster and the rest of his fellow performers had their souls stolen by the magician Moondark and turned into his mindless slaves. The carnival was freed from Moondark by Spider-Man and Ghost Rider and their souls returned.[1][2]

Sometime after the incident with Moondark, Muck Monster and his fellow carnival performers Six and Gorilla Girl briefly operated as a superhero team called the Freaks. In their only known outing as such, the team saved a doctor from being kidnapped by the villains Hammer and Anvil.[2]


Superhuman Strength

  • In his first appearance, Peter Parker mistook Muck Monster for Man-Thing at first before stating that he appeared to be a man in a costume instead. His later appearance as actually being made of Muck implies Parker's second assumption was also wrong.[1][2]

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