When Sandman and Hydro-Man accidently slammed together, their molecules combined to become the Mud-Thing.

Unlike the two men who formed it, Mud-Thing seems to be a mindless brute with only vague memories of their lives before. Because of this it sought out, without fully understanding why, Sadie Frickett, whom both the Sandman and Hydroman had feelings for. When it finds her, she senses a friendly aura about the monster and, rather than allow the police or Spider-Man to harm it, Sadie petitions attorney Matt Murdock to help her gain legal custody of the beast.

The creature soon gained popularity among the public as a Broadway showpiece, with Sadie raking in the cash made by the Mud-Thing's appearance. However, when it saw her kiss the showbiz agent in an act of excitement, memories of Hydro-Man and Sandman's love for the woman sent the Mud-Thing into a blind rage and it started destroying everything in sight. Only the sound of Sadie's voice could calm the creature out of it's rampage. It grabbed her in it's hand and fled with her after sensing the authority's attempts to destroy it. The Mud-Thing met it's end when it climbed to the top of a New York skyscraper where police helicopters were waiting. The choppers began spraying it with a special chemical formula that dried up it's body and caused it to crumble apart, until it was nothing more than chunks of dirt scattered across the pavement.[1]

  • As both William Baker and Morris Bench were American citizens and single, it can be reasonably assumed that the Mud-Thing was as well, though it may not have been aware of the fact.

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