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Muir Island X-Men
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X-Men, Muir Islanders
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Polaris, Banshee, Tom Corsi, Sharon Friedlander, Forge, Legion, Marvel Girl, Multiple Man, Amanda Sefton, Siryn, Strong Guy, Sunder, Brigadier Alysande Stuart
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Formed initially in order to repel the Reaver's assault on Muir Island
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The Muir Island X-Men team formed during the Reaver's attack on Muir Island. Banshee had recently regained his powers through the healing power of the Morlock Healer, and with his restored powers, he had rescued Polaris from South America. Moira did tests on Polaris to only discover that Polaris's magnetic ability had become latent, while she gained the new power to harness, at that time, an unknown energy source to increase her strength, size, and invulnerability.[1]

Banshee then met up with Amanda and Alysande who were in search for the team members of Excalibur at the time. On their way back to Muir Island, the three were attacked by the Reavers. Amanda used her magic in the nick of time to rescue them by teleporting the rest of the way to Muir Island. During this skirmish, Sean was fatally wounded, but was saved due to the Morlock Healer.[1]

The people on Muir Island regrouped to discover that Muir Island was under attack. Moira had Polaris, Amanda Sefton, Tom Corsi, Sharon Friedlander, and Alysande Stuart suit up in new X-Men outfits, and then Moira sent them out to defend the island. The Reavers slowly took out the Muir Island X-Men members. Eventually, Banshee was healthy enough to join in the fight, but was taken down as well.

Valerie Cooper ordered the Freedom Force, despite Mystique's protests, to aid the Muir Island X-Men. Valerie ordered them to help because she wanted to get the U.S. government in Forge's good graces again, so that he would continue to build them new inventions. Forge's intention to go to Muir Island was to find Storm whom he believed was there due to a spirit walk that he had recently experienced before it.[2]

The Reavers had been sent to Muir Island with the main objective of killing Moira and Banshee because Pierce deemed them potential threats to his goal of slaying all mutants.[3] Legion, called "Danny Haller" instead of David Haller at the time, had betrayed the Muir Island X-Men by periodically aiding the Reavers. Legion's meddling helped lead to the capture of several Muir Island X-Men as well as lead to the death of Sunder. Through the intervention of the Freedom Force, the Muir Island X-Men were able to repel the Reavers.[2]

After the battle against the Reavers was finished, Forge decided to remain on Muir Island, while the Freedom Force returned to America. Forge then became a member of the Muir Island X-Men.[2] Forge then aided Banshee in building a new defense system for the island. Throughout Polaris's stay on Muir Island, Polaris's newfound power's side effect of causing negative feelings to build up in people around her had caused everyone on the island to have a darker personality, as well as a darker dressing style in the case of Moira.[4] The Jack Wayne personality then had secretly taken control over Danny and the rest of Legion's split personalities. Jack Wayne locked up Polaris in a top security cell, and left her to rot there, while he had "fun" with the rest of the people on Muir Island.[5]

Search for the X-Men

Moira hooked up Danny Haller to the recently recovered Cerebro in hope that he would be able to use his telepathy to find any sign of the X-Men. When Legion started to use Cerebro, Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King, appeared and said that he wanted Storm and he said Cairo.[6] Banshee and Forge took this as a sign that the X-Men were alive. So those two go to find the X-Men without Moira knowing where they were going or what they were up to, since Banshee no longer trusted the darker personality of Moira. Banshee and Forge set out for Cairo, Egypt, while Storm was really in Cairo, IL.[7]

Banshee and Forge were going to have Cylla fly them to Cairo, Egypt, until Cylla showed them a magazine with Dazzler on the cover. The two men took this as a sign to go to California instead of Cairo, since they thought Dazzler was a more concrete lead. Cylla and her plane were then blown up by the Fenris twins who were told Banshee would be on the plane. Banshee and Forge were now believed to be dead.[7] Banshee and Forge first stop at the ruins of Xavier's mansion. Their mission is to find and warn the X-Men in case Fenris tried to kill them as well. Banshee and Forge then set up shop at Xavier's mansion. Everyone believes they died in the plane explosion, and Banshee wanted to keep it that way since he didn't trust Moira anymore.[8]

The two men plan to break back into Muir Island through a backdoor in the island's defense system that they only know about, so they can find out what is really going on with Moira. Before they go back to Muir Island though, Banshee decided that they must warn the X-Men of the potential threat to their lives first. Jean Grey later goes to visit the X-Mansion. While she is exploring, she is attacked by a group of gruesome X-Men doppelgangers and one of Jean Grey herself, who is a current member of the X-Factor at the time.[8] Banshee and Forge go to her rescue, and the doppelgangers disappeared.[9]

Jean then becomes a temporary member of the Muir Island X-Men, while the rest of X-Factor are currently busy and unable to help.[9] Forge, Jean, and Banshee then go on a mission where they save Colossus and Callisto from the Morlocks who were currently being led by Masque. Callisto had been permanently transformed into a hot model version of herself due to the power of Masque who made her attractive because being beautiful went against her philosophy of a Morlock (the philosophy in which the Morlocks are a group of grotesque mutants who are stuck in the sewer, since they aren't beautiful).[10]

Joining X-Factor

Following the battle with the Morlocks, Banshee and Forge follow Marvel Girl back to the X-Factor's ship. The ship was then attacked by the Genoshan Magistrates and Press Gang whom were after the Genoshan fugitives, Philip Monreau and mutant Jenny Ransome. Colossus and Callisto were also at the ship at the time of the attack. The combined mutant forces were able to defeat the Magistrates when Forge and Officer Jones gave them a hand from the outside of the ship by taking out Wipeout who was disrupting the ship's defenses at the time.[11]

Following the battle, the U.S. government allowed the Magistrates to go home even though they had caused a great amount of damage, were working outside of their jurisdiction, and had killed Officer Jones partner. The U.S. government was bullied into this act since they owed the Genoshan government a great amount of money. Banshee and Forge decide to remain and team up with X-Factor, while the amnesiac Colossus who believed he was New York painter, Peter Nicholas, and the newly attractive Callisto decide to leave and enjoy their newfound love for each other.[11]


Equipment: Environmental Suits/Body Armor Uniform


  • For an attempt at a possible all new X-Men team, the team only initially had two mutants, while also having one sorceress and four non-powered humans.
  • The humans on the team relied on their uniform for physical protection and used guns as their primary weapons.

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