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Mujaji was among the Orisha, the pantheon of Wakanda. Mujaji was a god of sustenance, and would be beseeched by the mortals to fed them in times of hunger.[2]

The Orisha, including Mujaji, originated during immeorial times before the land of Wakanda even had a name. When the pilgrims who traveled to this land entered in conflict with the native beasts that lived on it, the Originators, the heroes that rose among the humans were ascended to gods on faith. The humans and the Orisha defeated the originators and banished them to the Nether-Realms beyond a group of gates. As part of their duty, the Orisha became guardians of these gates.[1]


  • Apparently, Mujaji gave Wakanda its name, since she was described by shamans as "who named us."[2]
  • The Modjadji are "rain queens" from the Balobedu's mythology.[3][4]

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