Doctor Doom built this machine to create portals to different dimensions through which he could send people. The device itself included a huge computer-like control console with buttons,[1][2] some of which were activated not by pressing but using a bolt from Doom's armor's gauntlets,[1] and one to eight[2] crystal cylinders connected to the machine through cables[1][2] made of steel.[2] The dimension travellers were placed within the cylinders and, when the controls were activated, the travellers were sent to the selected dimension.[1][2] Depending on the precision of the controller and of the machine, the travellers may appear at a chosen point in the target dimension, or quite far from it.[2] The person in the controls had video monitors to watch the progress of the travellers,[1][2] but could not affect their actions[1] except to bring hte travellers back at any moment.[1][2] The return was less than elegant, with the travellers simply falling to the floor from the cylinders.[1]

Doom claimed to have developed this device from useless machinery,[1] and had one working unit of it in a secret laboratory within the limits of New York City.[1][2]

When Doom was deposed by King Zorba, he began a quest to find the Stones of Merlin. After getting one at the United Nations Headquarters, he identified a second Stone at the Dimension of Dreams. He then captured the mutant superhero Dazzler and used this machine to send her in the quest, claiming that Doom's person was too valuable to risk it. Doom's robotic servant Robotron placed Dazzler in the cylinders. Dazzler succeeded in her mission and Doom brought her back.[1]

Almost immediately afterward, however, the Merlin Stone was destroyed, Doom and Dazzler fought each other, and Doom hastily escaped his own lair when the Fantastic Four found and bursted into it; the Multi-Dimensional Transference Center was left behind, and it could have been damaged in the combat.[1]

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