Multi-Fractor (Earth-928) from Punisher 2099 Vol 1 5 0001

Multi-Fractor in his original form


Few is known about Multi-Fractor. He claimed to have use to be a grav-ball player, making him a great zero-gravity situation combatant.[1] He somehow integrated the Cyber-Nostra as an enforcer.[2]

He confronted a couple of times the Punisher and was eventually killed.

Resurrection as Jigsaw

He was resurrected by a mortician surgeon, with a grotesque aspect which strongly pleased him. He decided to operate under the code-name Jigsaw, and took again contact with his former boss, Darryl King, the Fearmaster who charged him once more time to terminate the Punisher.

Failing, he was captured and imprisoned into the Punishment Hotel. Fearmaster was able to track Jigsaw and attacked the Punisher in his base. Hit by the Molecular Disintegrator, Jigsaw disappeared and was left for dead.

One Nation Under Doom

He was somehow found by a gang veterans from the Pollution Wars, and freed himself, killing most of them and using the remaining as his new crew. He then move out to Fearmaster's Mansion, finding his boss turn in solid mud. Trying to steal his mutated hand, Jigsaw makes him turn to flesh again. He then agree to Fearmaster's leadership, informing him about the recent changes.[3]

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