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The Multisect was created by Reed Richards and left hidden in a trophy case at State University[1] in case he died so whoever of his family was left could continue exploring the Multiverse.

After the apparent death of Reed, Sue and most of the Future Foundation, when in reality they were alive recreating the Multiverse, the reformed Victor von Doom infiltrated the Baxter Building in search for clues of Reed's fate. He found an orb left for The Thing, and when he failed to gain access to its contents, decided to return it to its rightful owner. The Thing activated the orb, which turned out to hold a holographic recording of Reed in which he detailed the existence of the Multisect and gave its location as the place of his and Ben's "first adventure." Ben decided to take Johnny Storm on the search for the Multisect, under the pretense that Reed's message indicated that he and the rest of the family were alive, in hopes to help him overcome his grief.[2]

Ben mistakenly took Johnny to Monster Island, since that was the place of the Fantastic Four's first adventure. After coming empty-handed, Ben realized Reed meant the trophy case at State University, since Ben and Reed had vandalized a trophy for Victor von Doom in their college years, an act Reed cherished as his first adventure with Ben. Ben and Johnny infiltrated State University and found the Multisect inside Doom's trophy.[1]

When The Thing and the Human Torch met imperiumologist Rachna Koul to diagnose Johnny's progressive loss of his powers, she agreed to help as long as they took them with her on their multiversal journey.[3] While pretending she had honed the Multisect to Reed and Sue's specific signature of cosmic radiation,[4] Rachna guided The Thing and the Human Torch through different universes on the search for alternate counterparts of her comatose sister Disha.[5] After visiting several universes looking for a compatible version of Disha, Rachna saw herself forced to reveal her true motives and that she was misleading the heroes, and escaped with the Multisect.[6]

Once Rachna returned home, she found that her lab was being raided by the Mad Thinker as part of his plan to supplant the Fantastic Four with a new team of his invention.[7] He stole the Multisect from her, and used it to locate the Human Torch and The Thing since he planned to kill them to declutter the void left by the Fantastic Four from its remnants.[8] The Human Torch and The Thing managed to defeat the Mad Thinker. They retrieved the Multisect and used it to return home.[9]

Shortly afterwards, when Spider-Man and Sandman were confronted by an alternate future version of the latter brought to this time by a rift in the Multiverse, Spider-Man recalled the Multisect in Ben and Johnny's possession. They managed to configure the Multisect and the Human Torch used it on the future Sandman, sending him back to his home reality and closing the rift. However, the Multisect was destroyed in the process.[10]


The Multisect was a tool that can access an area known as the Multiplane, a nexus for seemingly infinite universes.[2]

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