Early in Muneeba's life, she met a man named Yusuf Khan, and the pair fell in love, much to the disapproval of Muneeba's mother. She couldn't stand to break her mother's heart, so she refused Yusuf's proposal, but when he decided to leave her a poem before he departed, she showed it to her mother, prompting a change of heart, and resulting in the young couple getting married a week later. The pair eventually moved from Pakistan, and settled in New Jersey, where they had two children.

Unbeknownst to Muneeba, her daughter Kamala was a Nuhuman, with the secret identity of Ms. Marvel. Muneeba entered Kamala's room to wake her up, while vacuuming, unaware she came home late the previous night, fighting crime. She urged Kamala to focus on her education and career, rather than waste her time on trivial interests.

Sometime later, Muneeba noticed Kamala upset and recalled the story of how she and her husband married, advising Kamala to have faith in what she believed, and share her vision, while keeping in mind the struggles of others.[1]

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