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Munition Militia
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The Clip[1]
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Impulsed by Ammo's delusions of becoming a post-apocalyptic leader and his impatience to wait for the future he wanted to come to pass, the Munition Militia set out to cause an incident in New York City that could kickstart the end of society. To this end, they outfitted themselves with hi-tech weapons bought from the Black Cat.

When the Munition Militia prepared to strike and cause a diversion while a truck charged with explosives detonated in another part of the city, Daredevil stopped them with the help of Luke Cage and Echo. As soon as he learned of the explosives, Daredevil and his allies tracked it down and crashed it into the East River. Unfortunately, while the heroes were busy with the explosives, all members of the Munition Militia escaped, with the exception of Slug, who was overseeing the truck's explosion and was subsequently captured.[1]

The Munition Militia broke into the New York State Supreme Court while Slug was in trial in an attempt to break him free. They were stopped by Daredevil, who had attended the trial as a witness.[2]

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