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The manifestations of Munnipor (maiden, mother, beldam) ruled the realm of Munnipor from their lunar mansions on the many Moons of Munnipor, and bestow understanding to supplicants and travelers.[5]

As a mystic principalities, Munnopor is often invoked for spells, including the Mists of Munnopor and the Moons of Munnopor.[1]

War of the Seven Spheres

Before the War of the Seven Spheres was to begin, Munnopor was among the many entities to solicit Doctor Strange to fight for their cause (all claiming Strange due to the power they bestowed him along the years) in the War of the Seven Spheres, along with Watoomb, Cyttorak, Ikonn, the Seraphim, the Vishanti (Agamotto, Oshtur, and Hoggoth), the Faltine, Raggadorr, Satannish, Valtorr, and Denak, all drawn in direct conflict over the Sorcerer Supreme. To escape them all, Strange invoked the Law of Emancipation, relinquish the ability to call upon any of the powers and principalities.[7] The conflict would last five thousand years, though waged within months by human reckoning.[9]

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