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Mur-G'nn was one of the Knights of the Infinite. She accompanied Lan-Zarr and K'kyy to the Earth, where they kidnapped Dorrek VIII, who, according to a prophecy, was destined to become king of the unified Kree and Skrull empires.[1]

When they returned to their home in the Forbidden Asteroids, the Knights discovered the corpse of the elder M'ryn being used as a vessel by Moridun's physical form. Once Moridun was defeated with the help of the New Avengers, who had tracked down Hulkling to rescue him, the Knights decided to let the young hero go, explaining that he had a duty to his friends, and he wouldn't be their king if he was capable of abandoning that.[2]

When the Kree and Skrull empires united to form the Alliance in response to the reemergence of the vengeful plant-like species called the Cotati, Mur-G'nn joined the Alliance's Royal Guard under the rule of its figurehead, Hulkling.[3] Due to the Cotati's pacifist pretense, the Alliance's attack on their base on the Blue Area of the Moon was intercepted by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, which bought Cotati leader Quoia enough time to cripple the Alliance's fleet and launch an invasion on Earth.[4]

While the Alliance joined forces with Earth's heroes to stop the Cotati, Hulkling was secretly abducted and impersonated by his grandmother R'Klll, who intended to trigger the Sun's explosion and cause the Earth's destruction both as a show of power and to erradicate the Cotati. Despite remaining as part of the royal guard under R'Klll's control, Mur-G'nn was the only guardsman to display doubt for "Hulkling."[5] After Hulkling's allies managed to liberate him, he confronted R'Klll, who rallied the royal guard against Dorrek VIII and his allies.[6] When the Sun began to become unbalanced, Mur-G'nn helped contain its detonation until the Pyre, the device used induce the explosion, was remotely disabled. Afterward, both R'Klll and the Cotati were defeated.[7]



Magic: Mur-G'nn is the magic user of the Knights of the Infinite.


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