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Muramasa was a legendary[citation needed] Demon blacksmith in Japan.[1] During Japan's century of civil war, starting by mid-15th century, Muramasa forged the Black Blade using a portion of his own dark soul. The Blade caused its possessors to be overcome with unquenchable bloodlust.[1]

In the middle of the 20th century, Marumasa was sought out by Logan after his wife, Itsu, and he believed her unborn child as well, were killed in Jasmine Falls. Muramasa agreed to make Logan a sword, forged out of his incredible depths of rage and hatred. The process took many years, but the blade was prepared for Logan when he returned to Muramasa's camp after regaining his full memories after M-Day.[2]


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Soul Forging: Muramasa can forge portions of the spirit and emotions into powerful swords.[3]

Immortality: Muramasa was allegedly immortal.[citation needed]


Muramasa was a master swordsman,[citation needed] and a legendary swordsmith.[citation needed]


  • Muramasa was a real-life famed Japanese blacksmith whose swords became known as "demonic" and/or "cursed", first in superstition, then in lore and popular culture.

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