Murd Blurdock was an Echomelian, a reptilian species that normally lacked eyes but could see by way of echolocation. As a child, Murd was struck by radioactive originium, causing him to lose his echolocation and grow two bulbous eyes. With his newfound ability to see, Murd became the vigilante known as Seeing Being, the Sentient Without Self-Preservation. At some point, Murd's identity was revealed, but he managed to convince the public Seeing Being was actually his secret twin brother.

Murd worked as a lawyer with his partner Frogurt "Froggy" Frelson, using his seeing ability to read the expressions on a jury's faces. When Rocket Raccoon was arrested and put on trial for theft, Murd and Froggy were appointed as his legal defense. Minutes before the trial was meant to start, Murd noticed a red-clad female Echomelian at the back of the courtroom holding a sai and a sign saying "COME FIGHT NINJAS." Murd suddenly and dramatically ran after her, much to Froggy's surprise.[1]

Later, Murd was hired by Roberto da Costa of the New Mutants after they were arrested for trespassing in Shi'ar territory. Murd tried to ask the judge for leniency given the New Mutant's extra-cultural background but his request was denied since the Shi'ar doesn't recognize any space that is not part of their empire. The New Mutants were found guilty and remanded into custody, and Murd was subsequently sanctioned for incompetence.[2]


Sight: Murd was struck by radioactive originium as a child, which caused him to lose his in-born "echo senses" and to grow eyes, giving him the ability to see. Much like an Earth chameleon, the eyes can operate independently of one another, giving Murd a panoramic view.[1]

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