Murder Incorporated was a group of men who founded a community mission for the homeless in New York City in the year 1944.[1] The seeming act of charity was merely a front to exploit the cities homeless for their personal gain. Each homeless man admitted to the shelter was made to sign a life insurance policy taken out in their name. Murder, Inc then arranged for fatal "accidents" to occur, allowing the mission to claim the insurance and make large sums of money.[2]

When members of Murder, Inc. attempted to kill a homeless man with a hit-and-run, Madeline Joyce witnessed the attack and changed into Miss America to foil the attempt and capture the driver. Forcing him to reveal the secret of his employers' operation, Miss America arrived at the community mission just in time to prevent another murder. However, she was clubbed over the head and tossed into the East River to drown. Breaking free, Miss America flew back to the mission and rounded up the members of Murder, Inc, and turned them all over to the authorities.[2]

The fate of the group members is unknown[2] but, in recent times, Silver Sablinova considered (and discarded) a mercenary job opposing Murder, Inc.,[3] suggesting that the organization was still active as of 1992.[4]


The Human Torch and Toro also fought Murder,Inc.[5] in the 1940s and the Communist Red Skull mentioned Murder,Inc.[6]

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