Dr. Murray Anderson was a scientist and the Director of U.S. Army's Project Rebirth.[1]

While General Phillips and Under-Secretary Homer Simms were talking to President Roosevelt, Anderson arrived at the White House and interrupted them, informing the officers that Project Rebirth was going to be executed.[2][1][3]

Anderson then led Phillips and Simms to Project Rebirth Curios Shop Facility, where Rebirth's candidate, Steve Rogers, was going to be enhanced by Dr. Abraham Erskine's Super-Soldier Serum.[2][1][3]

Anderson was between the group of people watching the experiment, while Nazi spy Heinz Kruger, disguised as Special Agent Fred Clemson,[3] shot Erskine dead, and was subsequently killed by Rogers.[2][4][1][5][3]

He later helped forming the supergroup known as the Invaders.[1]

Many years later, he worked at the burn ward at the South Queens Hospital for Sick Children and was Janet Darling's superior. He complimented her for Thomas H. Hanson's case report, he found it very thorough and was amazed by the wealth of detail.[6]

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