Mutant Burn Out is an affliction that is unique to the Mutants and Earth-161. In this reality, the unique DNA structure of Mutants eventually causes a mutant to eventually burn out and die due to their powers. The length of time varies depending on the mutant and what their abilities are, but for the most part most mutants have not lived past the age of sixty with some exceptions[1]. For example the mutants Wolverine and Sabertooth both lived longer lives due to the fact that their mutant Healing Factors slowed the process of Burn Out, however by the modern age Sabertooth --older than his son Logan-- began showing signs of Burn Out after being incapable of regenerating new eyes after being blinded by the Storm Bio-Synth[2] and being incapable of growing a new hand after it was severed by a subway train while battling the Consortium[3]. Other Mutants who have been said to be immune are Mystique due to her unique physiology, this was also passed to her son Nightcrawler who passed it on to his adopted sister Rogue due to prolonged physical contact that caused them to switch powers[4]. Another long lived mutant, seeming immune to burn out is Mr. Sinister who lives in a state of perpetual childhood[5].

For the longest time the only ones aware of Mutant Burn Out were Charles Xavier, his associate Moira MacTaggert as well as the anti-mutant Consortium, until the X-Men discovered the professors secret[1]. Following to the greater discovery of Mutant Burn Out, the Beast continued research along with Xavier until the Beast's death at the hands of the Consortium[6] and Xavier being taken to Shi'ar space to answer to crimes he committed against the empire[7], leaving only Moira MacTaggert as the lone researcher working with the X-Men for a cure[8]. The Consortium attempted to use a device to speed up the effects of Burn Out, but this plot was foiled by the X-Men[6]. Mister Sinister also has been seeking a cure for Burn Out, but to date he has as yet been unsuccessful[5].

Mutants who have shown signs of Burn Out include the aforementioned Sabertooth, Magneto[9] and Fabian Cortez the latter having died due to the affliction[10].

As of this time there is no known cure, but the X-Men remain devoted to working to fine one[11].

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