Homo superior have been shown to successfully crossbreed with several other "human" species (Homo sapiens, Inhumans, Atlanteans, etc.), gods (Asgardians) and other humanoid aliens (Shi'ar, Dire Wraiths, etc.).

Also, the product of breeding of mutates may result in mutant offspring more often than with regular humans,[1] as for the Fantastic Four's children (Franklin and Torus Storm), or Kara Killgrave, who developed mutant abilities similar to her father's.

Cross-breeding with Humanity Subspecies


The averred cross-breeding between mutants and Atlanteans are unknown, but it is known that the breeding of humans and Atlanteans happened to generate mutant hybrids with features beyond the standard of their source-species respective super-beings individuals, the most known example being Namor.

It was hinted by Steve Rogers that the hybrid combination of human and Atlantean led to the power set, immense strength and winged ankles among others, shared by Namora and Namor.[2]

Those mutant hybrids have proved (for now) to be fertile for the males (Namor with Atlanteans, human mutates and Plodex) and infertile for the females (Namora with an Atlantean).[3]


The hybrids bioengineered from Deviants and mutant genetics were proven to be genetically unstable and died at young ages. No natural hybrids have been seen so far.
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Humans (Homo sapiens)

Breeding between Homo superior and Homo sapiens can result in both mutants and "flat-scans" children, as shown with Wolverine's children: Daken and the Mongrels: Of those six known children, only two (Daken and Cannon Foot) were active mutants (with feral mutations).

Those aren't really hybrids, as mutants and humans aren't really separate species or race, but are only humans possessing or not the X-Gene. Wakandan scientists even stated that there has never been a proven case of genetic incompatibility, but have also stated that every mutation was different and some effects could perturb the reproduction process.[4] They are consequently fertile.[5]


The union of a mutant and an Inhuman was believed to result in the supposed cancelling of the genetic markers denoting these subgroups in humanity, leaving a normal human. The only example of this was the daughter of the mutant Quicksilver and Inhuman royal Crystal, Luna Maximoff.[6][7] However, with the revelation that Quicksilver was a mutate simply disguised as a mutant[8], this belief is thrown into doubt.

There is also the problem of mixing mutant and Inhuman DNA. Mister Sinister learned from his experiments of attempting to create a mutant/Inhuman hybrid that mixing the genetics of the two species caused the Inhuman DNA to overpower the mutant DNA, creating genetic instability and eventually death.[9]

There are examples of mutant/Inhuman hybrids that have survived and even thrived like Talogan of Earth-691 and alternate reality versions of Luna Maximoff, but that can be explained away by the fact that mutant biology can vary from reality to reality.

It is unknown if these hybrids are fertile.
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Cross-breeding with Aliens

The breeding with alien results often in mutant offspring, one example being Torus Storm.


A few Asgardian/Mutant hybrids have been so far, born from both female mutant/male Asgardian couplings and the inverse.

During Rahne Sinclair's pregnancy, the Asgardian hybrid proved to be dangerous for a mutant mother, as he was draining her energy.[10] Except for this case, no reproductive barrier seems to exist between the two species.
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Dire Wraiths

James Marks is the only Dire Wraith/Human hybrid known, and also a functional mutant. It is unknown if his mother (Marjorie Seaton) was a mutant (or if his Dire Wraith father was a more uncommon mutant).
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A few cases of breeding between fairies and mutants or humans have been recorded or supposed.
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Source (Sentinel) (Earth-616) from Ultragirl Vol 1 1 0001

The Sentinel announcing her mutation to Suzy Sherman


The only possible known mutant-Kree hybrid is Susanna Lauren Sherman, from her Kree name Tsu-Zana. A Sentinel classified her as a "V-Factor" mutant, as a temporary classification, because of her Kree alien DNA.[11]

Her origins are still confused, and not much information exists on the subject.[12]
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On many occasions, Shi'ar and Mutants have been able to cross-breed. It is unknown if a reproductive barrier exists, and if those hybrids are fertile.
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