The Mutant Force was a mutant-based group found by Magneto to aid mutants being oppressed after Professor X died.[1] The team was once banished to the Negative Zone by Hyperion. They were later able to escape but eventually were sent back to the Negative Zone by Hyperion.[2] They eventually escaped again and began aiding mutants once again.

Magneto felt there was little hope for mutantkind until he sensed a remnant of Xavier's psyche in his head on the anniversary of his death. To unlock Xavier, Magneto and his Mutant Force busted free the telepath Emma Frost from imprisonment and took her to their hideout of Island M so she could use her power to help free Xavier. While Frost searched through Magneto's mind for Xavier, Squadron Supreme members Hyperion and Power Princess tracked the Mutant Force to Island M using Frost as a tracking beacon. Frost was eventually forced to join the Mutant Force in fighting the Squadron Supreme, leaving Magneto to free Xavier by himself. Magneto realized too late that it wasn't Xavier that was in his mind but Xavier's evil twin sister Cassandra Nova. Now free, Nova took over Magneto's body and used her power to teleport the Squadron Supreme away.[1]

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