Many classifications have been established to classified the mutants regarding to their power-set and mastery.

Those classifications are called, among other names, "Biomutative Classification" (which include both a level of power and the type of power).[1]

A notable one is the one using the Greek alphabet. Except for the Omega Level, those scales aren't clearly explained, neither is the system used to categorize them, and even the Omega is really vague.

The classifications are often talked about but rarely explained, as on Earth-913, Krakoa was stated to be "a mutant so powerful as it defy classification".[2]

Many explanation can be found on internet about the power level-scales, but aren't referenced and are likely fan-made classifications. As well, delta, epsilon-delta, epsilon (apart from Epsilon-beta), or zeta mutants aren't official until further references.

Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295 / Earth-95120)

In the Age of Apocalypse, mutants were classified by Apocalypse's services to classify his mutant prisoners and troops.


Quote1.png To be a Dreg means to be treated no better than dirt to be sifted through for "Genetic and evolutionary potential."' Quote2.png
--Harper Simmons[src]

The Dregs[3][4] were the lower-powered mutants

They were described as part of "the people", as well as the Betas and Gammas, in opposition to the Alphas. They followed Lady Penance's rule.[4]

  • As far, no known mutant has been classified as being as a Dreg.
  • The Dregs are also known on Earth-616, as being a group of Morlocks who lost their powers but kept their freakish appearance.

Gammas and Betas

Very little is known about the mutants classified as Gammas or Betas,[5] except that their powers are inferior to the Alphas, but however powerful, as Zora Risman stated about two mutants, one of them a fire-breather: "They weren't alphas, but you could tell they were formidable. Probably betas or gammas."[6]

They were described as part of "the people",[4] in opposition to the Alphas, as well as the Dregs, and followed Lady Penance's rule.[4]

Alpha Class

The Alpha-Class,[7][8] Alphas,[9][7][8][3][10][11][6] Alpha Mutants[4] or mutant with Alpha Class powers,[12] are powerful mutants, most of them trained and with powerful powers. The Alphas were intended to be resurrected by Clan Akkaba in order to join Weapon Omega's forces.[11]

The Alpha-class mutants were stated to be "the deadliest, most powerful" mutants,[10] and were the sole mutants allowed in the Heaven, Worthington's night-club.[9] Regarding to the known information, the Alphas were mostly present among Apocalypse's forces and the rebels groups: The X-Men, the Brotherhood of Chaos and the Elite Mutant Force.

Later, they were all intended to be resurrected using the Life Seed by Sugar Man and Dark Beast for Omega Weapon's army, in the Alpha Lab.[13]

They were thought to try to take the powers after Weapon Omega's defeat, but that didn't happen.[4]

On Earth-95120, Abyss was seen eating X-Men Alpha-Bits, seemingly cereals with bits of Alpha Class mutants X-Men,[14] or maybe only the Alpha parts of those X-Men ?

Mainstream Universes (Earth-616 & Earth-101001) and their Futures (Earth-91172 & 2061 A.D.)

On Earth-616, the mutant classifications are not really used, except for the Omega Levels.

Greek-numbered Classifications

Espilon-Beta Class


Beta Level

Juston Seyfert's Sentinel considered that lethal force was necessary to take down Brian Rinehart, a mutant whose Mutant Power Level Classification was Beta demonstrated powerful ergokinetic powers.[16]

Alpha Level and Alpha Class

Alpha-Level Mutants,[17] Alpha-Mutants,[18] Alpha Class Mutants,[19][20] Alpha Level presences,[19] Alpha Muties,[19] are seemingly powerful mutants.

Professor X was a "Telepath. Level Aaalpha/1" (it is unclear if that last classification concerns only the telepath level or the global level).[1]

When the MLF members Moonstar, Dragoness, Forearm, Locus, Tempo, and Wildside provoked a hostage crisis, it was stated that that event involved Alpha Class Mutants.[20] It is unknown if all or only part of them were included in the statement, or if it was even a true statement and not a pretext for Operation: Zero Tolerance to step in.

Looking for eventual members of the Twelve, Kitty Pryde consulted the X-Men files about the known Alpha-Level Mutants, thinking of them to be part of that gathering.[17]

The results shown presented the following as Alpha-Level Mutants:[17]

The record stopped to those nine names, but proposed to pursue search, which was denied by Pryde.[17]

Later, Apocalypse, once assembled the Twelve, stated that eleven of them were "Alpha-Mutants":[18] Magneto, Polaris, Storm, Iceman, Sunfire, Cyclops, Phoenix, Xavier, Cable, Bishop, and Rasputin.

According to that list, it is obvious that the Alpha-Level consist in a powerful class of mutants, in interface with the Omega-Level.

Alpha Level Telepath and Alpha Psi

Some characters have been stated to be Alpha Psi or telepaths:

Omega Level & Omega Class

Quote1.png '"Omega-Level" means she's very, very powerful. Her power levels lit Cerebro up like fourth o' July. Quote2.png
--Old Man Logan[src]

Mutant power classifications have never been fully explained. However, Omega Level Mutant[25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45][46] (with[47][48] or without hyphen), mutants with Omega-Level Potential,[40][49] Omega Level Power,[43] Omega-Level abilities,[50] Omega Mutants,[51][52][53] or simply Omega Level[54][55][56][57] or Omega[27][58][59] (also called Omega-class mutants by Xavier Institute's[60] and the O*N*E,[29] "Omega Levels"[61] and "Omega strength mutant" by the Stepford Cuckoos.[62]) is a term that is commonly used to refer to a mutant possessing powers without foreseeable limits. Examples include Elixir's biokinesis[60] and Legion's spontaneous mutations.[37][63][64]

The Omega Level Energy[52] can be read by Shi'ar technology[52] and Cerebra.[54]

On Earth-101001, Takeo Sasaki's powers were stated to be "Omega-class powers", a level unseen since Jean Grey.[65]

Other mutants have been deemed to be "only" Near Omega-Level,[66] potential Omega Level,[67] potential Omega-Class.[68] A Shi'ar proposed that every Omega Potential with psychic powers should be terminated in order to prevent them from becoming host to the Phoenix.[27]

The term, initially "Omega Level Mutant Abilities" was seemingly used at first by Fred Duncan, and quickly adopted by Charles Xavier to define some of his first students, and was described in those terms: "Yet what he called Omega (the last) he meant as regards to an "ultimate threat,' while I simply prefer to think of such mutant abilities as unlimited potential."[25]

Talking about Jean Grey, a "grown-up Omega Mutant", Beast said that on Richter Scale, she'd be a 12, and if she was a mountain, she'd be Olympus Mons on Mars.[51]

That term wasn't known of Doctor Strange, at the time he was still with Clea.[56]

Mutant Omega-Level Threats

Similarly to the Omega-Level Mutants classification, many beings, objects or events have been classified as Omega Class or Omega Level Threats.

Some of them, mutants, have been stated to Omega-Level Mutant threats,[69] Omega Threats[70] or Omega-Level Threats.[71]

On Earth-2319, the Mapmakers stated that Tian, the City-Nation of the mutants, was an Omega-Level threat.[72]

Beyond Omega

A few mutants have been stated to be Beyond Omega:[73][74][75]

Franklin Richards was classified by the Mad Celestials to be "Beyond Omega Classification",[74] as well as his future counterpart.[75] Now it has been stated by Professor X himself that Franklin's powers automatically made him a mutant because of his desire to be special, so when he lost his powers, he lost his pseudo-mutant status as well.[76]

Others were described in other words to be past Omegas:

  • Vulcan was stated to be "beyond Omega Level",[73] "past Omega" by Prof. X,[77] and "way past Omega" by Rachel Summers,[78] after being exposed to burst of mutant energy, and while merged with his teammates.
  • Mr. M was stated to be "extremely powerful, even by the standards of omega-level mutants".[29]
  • Matthew Malloy was stated to be "more than an Omega Level Mutant" by Hank McCoy,[43] being "the largest mutant power source Cerebro had ever registered" according to Charles Xavier,[79] and Above Omega-Level Power.[56] He was described as having "power over time and space and life-and-death".[56]
Omega Level Telekinetics

Omega-Level Telekinetics[80][55][41] are seemingly supposed to represent the more powerful telekinetics.

Cable was described by Havok as an Omega Level Telekinetic[80] during a burst of power, caused by Blaquesmith and Nathaniel Summers (Stryfe) (Hope Summers)'s manipulations.

His clone Stryfe is stated to possess such power as well.[55]

Hope Summers was also able to express Omega Level Telekinesis by leeching Cable's powers, demonstrated in a massive telekinetic movement described by Nemesis as a "Omega-Level temper tantrum",[81] as Hope was angered during the powers expression.

After having stabbed Cable with the Psimitar,[80] his Omega Level Telekinesis spilled out and was leeched by Hope,[82] stored and used for weeks, allowing her to form force-fields,[83] telekinetic superhuman-strength,[82] and Omega-Level Mind Bullets, but that TK was quickly dried up.[84]

  • To be precise, Omega Level Telekinetics aren't necessarily Omega Level Mutants.
  • Also see the list of confirmed Omega Level Telekinetics.
Omega Level Healers

Elixir was described as a omega level healer,[85] with "Omega-class healing ability".[86]

  • To be precise, Omega Level Healers aren't necessarily Omega Level Mutants.
  • Also see the list of confirmed Omega Level Healers.
Omega Level & Omega Class Telepaths

The mightier telepaths are considered to be part of a special category: the Omega,[87] Omega Level,[88][89][62][90][29][27][58][59][91][92][93][44][94][95] or Omega Class[96][97][98][99] Telepaths, or people with Omega-class telepathic abilities.[98]

Omega Telepaths were also witnessed in the mainstream universe's futures of Earth-91172 with the Omega level telepath Kid Omega[92] and in the year 2061 A.D. with Omega-Class Telepath Emma Frost.[99]

Omega Level Mutates

Attacking the Xavier Institute, Supergiant declared that the only threat came from the Omega Level Mutates, referring to Iceman,[100] and took control of him to take down his teammates.[101]

As both the potential Omega Level Storm and the Omega Class Rachel Summers weren't included among the Omega Level Mutates,[100] it could be assumed that this classification can't directly be related to the Omega Level Mutates (or in the other way, that Storm and Rachel aren't close from the "mainstream" Omega Level Mutants classification).

  • To be precise, Omega Level Mutates aren't necessarily Omega Level Mutants.
  • Also see the list of confirmed Omega Level Mutates.
  • That panel gave a lot of trouble to the fans regarding the analysis to be made of it,[102] but was finally solved by Tom Brevoort.[100]
Krakoa-era definition

After the formation of Krakoa as a mutant nation, Omega-level mutants were defined as "a mutant whose dominant power is deemed to register -- or reach -- an undefinable upper limit of that power's specific classification".[103] A comparison is made between Forge and Magneto. While both are said to be the most powerful mutants of their type, Magneto is Omega-level and Forge is not. This is because it is hypothetically possible to exceed the upper limits of Forge's power level—his upper limits have been surpassed by multiple humans. The upper limits of Magneto's power, however, cannot be surpassed in any observable way.

After Arakko was discovered to harbour godlike mutants and Omega-level mutants, it is unknown if they share the same definition as Krakoa (as Charles Xavier's files don't go into depth on which power few known Omega-level mutants are Omega-level). So far, the only ones made known are/were apart of their government The Great Ring of Arakko.

List of Omega-Level Mutants Identified in the Krakoa era
Name Alias Omega Power Alliance
Jamie Braddock Monarch Reality Manipulation/[Quantum] Krakoa/Avalon
Robert Drake Iceman Temperature Manipulation/[Negative] Krakoa
Joshua Foley Elixir Biokinesis Krakoa
Jean Grey Marvel Girl Telepathy Krakoa
David Haller Legion Power Manifestation None
Erik Lehnsherr Magneto Magnetism Krakoa
Kevin MacTaggert Proteus Reality Manipulation/[Psionic] Krakoa
Absolon Mercator Mister M Matter Manipulation Unknown
Ororo Munroe Storm Weather Manipulation Krakoa
Bennet du Paris Exodus Telekinesis Krakoa [104]
Quentin Quire Kid Omega Telepathy Krakoa
Gabriel Summers Vulcan Energy Manipulation Krakoa
Hope Summers Hope Power Manipulation Krakoa
Isca Isca the Unbeaten Tychokinesis Arakko
Tarn Tarn the Uncaring Unknown Arakko
Idyll High Mutant Prophet Idyll Precognition Arakko
Unknown Genesis Chlorokinesis Arakko
Unknown Redroot Unknown Arakko/Otherworld
Ora Serrata The Witness Unknown Arakko
Stulgid Unknown Unknown Arakko
Lodus Logos Unknown Unknown Arakko
Lactuca Unknown Unknown Arakko
Sobunar Unknown Unknown Arakko

Arabic-numbered Classifications

Class One

After a reading on Cerebro, Xavier sent Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake to investigate about "a possible Class One [mutant]", who was revealed to be the gargoyle-like mutant Alistair.[105]

It wasn't revealed if Alistair was indeed a Class One Mutant.

It is unknown if the Class One is supposed to be a powerful one (the fact that X-Men were sent, the use of the term "possible")[105] or a weak one (Class One being maybe opposed to the Class Five and Four, and also given the fact that Alistair's powers and abilities resumed to look like a gargoyle and stand still).[105]

Level 10 Psi


Days of Future Past (Earth-811)

First Level Mutants

After battling Ahab and his Sentinels, the Cyclops and Marvel Girl or Earth-616 (and possibly the X-Factorians Iceman, Beast and Archangel and the X-Men Forge and Banshee and the New Mutants Cable, Sunspot, Warlock, Boom-Boom and Cannonball) were stated to be "First Level Mutants" by the Franklin Richards.[107]

It is unclear if that term was just a derogatory term of a real classification.

Class Omega

From Earth-811, a possible future of Earth-616, Nimrod classified a Phoenix-Rachel Summers as being a "Class Omega (contact)" and considering himself to be on par with Class Omega beings, and stated about her that "Upper limit of target-subjects abilities have yet to be determined".[108]

On Earth-61029 (allegedly a past of Earth-811),[109] Nimrod was classified as a "Class Omega (intruder)" himself by Forge's defense systems.[110]

Earth-Skrull (Earth-5692)

Level Four

On Earth-5692, Skrulls controlling Earth scanned Blink, stating that she was a Level Four mutant,[111] without that classification to be explained.

Mainstream Universes (Earth-10005 (Cinematic Universe) & Earth-22795)

On Earth-10005, the mutants are classified by Class, presumably from one to five, five being the upper level known for now.

Class Three and Four

Callisto was able to sense mutants powers and level, and during her first meeting with Magneto, she estimated that he and Pyro were the only ones, among 87 mutants in the reunion they attended, to be above Class Three,[112] without her to clearly expressing their level, but as Jean Grey is the only Class Five mutant ever met by Charles Xavier, it is assumed that they are Class Four.

It is unknown if Callisto counted herself and the Omega Gang as class three or less, or among the class four.

  • To be noted the Class 4-T of the future of Earth-2988, presented earlier. It is unknown if a link can be established and if that class can be considered as a subcategory of the Class Four.
  • Also see the list of confirmed Class Four Mutants.

Class Five

Jean Grey is the only class five mutant that Charles Xavier ever met. He stated that her potential was limitless. That statement was also confirmed by power-sensing Callisto.[112]

On Earth-22795 (although seemingly being a "mainstream universe"), Wanda Maximoff was stated to be a Class Five mutant by Iron Man as well.[113]

Future of a Mainstream Universe (Earth-2988)

Class 4-T

On Earth-2988, Kraal presented himself as "Class 4-T" (the T seemingly standing for "Telekinetics"). He was able to perform powerful telekinetic bursts and stated his classification as a seemingly hight or decent power level.[114] No other classifications was given as a comparative.

  • To be noted the Class Four of Earth-10005, presented later. It is unknown if a link can be established and if the Class 4-T can be considered as a subcategory of the Class Four.
  • Also see the list of confirmed Class 4-T Mutants.

Other Classifications

O*N*E Threat Levels

Following the M-Day, the O*N*E established a Threat Levels classification of the remaining mutants, starting with Low, then General, Significant, High, and at last Severe.[29]

This scale doesn't seems based only on the power-level of the mutants, but also on a large part on their criminal, military or activist activities, their self-reconnaissance as mutants, their psychology and morality.


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