Quote1.png I remember dying. . . Quote2.png
-- Havok

Appearing in "In the End. . ."

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Havok of Earth-616 awakens in the body of an alternate version of himself, surrounded by people he doesn't recognize. He eventually figures out that he has been shunted into a parallel universe where things are quite different. His older brother Scott seemed to have died in the same plane crash that took his parents, and Alex became the leader of the X-Men. Instead of Jean Grey, a person named Madelyne Pryor took her place on the team. They eventually left the X-Men to form their own team and raise their son, Scotty, who they named after Alex's brother. The members of their team are also members of the X-Men in Havok's native universe, but each one is slightly different than their 616 counterparts. Ororo Munroe was bitten by Dracula and became a vampire who goes by the name Bloodstorm. Iceman, who goes by Bob Drake, never regained control over his powers after Loki tampered with them, and is unable to have physical contact with anyone without killing them. Warren Worthington III was deeply affected by Apocalypse's transformation of him into his horseman War, and has become dark and twisted, taking the name The Fallen. Probably most tragic of all, Doctor Hank McCoy continued to experiment on himself past the blue fur and fangs point, until not only did he transform his body to become more beast than man, he lost all of his brilliant intellect, dooming him to a life of child-like simplicity as The Brute. The most surprising aspect of this world is the fact that almost everyone's life seems worse here than on 616. No one's life seems to be happier than that of their Earth-616 counterpart.

Appearing in "Case History: The Six"

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Synopsis for "Case History: The Six"

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