Quote1.png No matter how much you are suffering now... the real pain is yet to come! Quote2.png
-- Goblin Queen

Appearing in "And a Child Shall Lead Them."

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  • Zap-Nut Bar


Synopsis for "And a Child Shall Lead Them."

The X-Men and Alex discuss how to stop the Goblin Queen when she sends Bloodstorm to kidnap Scotty. They all try to stop her but are unsuccessful, and she brings Scotty back to Bannerman Castle. (Incidentally, in the last book, the Goblin Queen's base was the Empire State Building in New York City, but now it seems that all of the Six are basing themselves out of the Castle for some reason). Once at the castle, The Queen asks Scotty to come to her, and all he has to do is scream, "Noooooo!" and she has him taken away. As he's sitting in his locked room, his powers manifest, and he breaks a window with them. (Which doesn't really make sense since his power is defense against the Goblin Entity).

Reed Richards is shown completing a dimensional gate that will allow the Queen to bring her Goblin Hordes to their universe. (I guess to power her Goblin-Sentinels).

Meanwhile, Hank goes to see Scotty, somehow breaking her spell all on his own, but Scotty removes her influence anyway, and he's back to being a good guy. As they try to escape, the rest of the Six catch them, and The Fallen burns all of Brute's hair off with his flame breath. Right as the Brute's about to be killed, Scotty convinces Bloodstorm and Iceman to defend him. They start to but are unable to completely break the Queen's spell. Scotty uses his power against The Fallen, causing him to become attacked himself. The Goblin Queen stops the Fallen from hurting Scotty, and somehow, Madelyne takes control of her body long enough for Hank and Scotty to escape and return to the X-Mansion where he was originally captured.


Scotty's newly manifested power looks peculiarly similar to that of Vendetta's, without killing the person he uses it on.

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