Quote1.png I expected an X-Man to be my executioner. Havok, perhaps. But not you. Quote2.png
-- Bloodstorm

Appearing in "The Hunger"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dracula (Only in flashback)
  • Various Vampires

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Synopsis for "The Hunger"

Rather than let Storm live as a Vampire, Kitty sets out on a mission to destroy her friend. She leaves a note for her lover, Colossus not to follow her.

Bloodstorm meets Forge, who has been utilized as food for Dracula's Vampires for the past unknown years, and helps her attempt to take control of her new powers and escape.

Kitty shows up before they make it out and begins an attack on Storm, convinced that her old friend would want it this way.

They tussle, and Kitty loses, being bitten by Bloodstorm. Kitty never returns to the mansion, and Colossus reveals to Nightcrawler that he was planning on marrying her, but now he knows she'll never be back.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Travel back to the time to when STORM had only recently been transformed into a vampire - and when her friend KITTY PRYDE set out to save or perhaps kill, one of her best friends!


  • Cover art: signed by Nord and Pepoy on the original art.[1]
  • The origin of Bloodstorm.

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