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Quote1.png There's something bad in that thing. Something weird and alien... Something that wants us! Quote2.png
Scotty Summers

Appearing in "Homecoming!"

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  • A Skrull starship
  • A Kree starship
  • Havok's Red Hummer (H1)

Synopsis for "Homecoming!"

The whole universe is in an uproar about the Goblin Queen, and they all decide to attack Earth at once, focusing on Havok and Scotty instead of the Queen herself.

So Havok and Scotty are out fishing living the "normal" life, when they're attacked first by the Starjammers, (who are trying to warn them about the other coming groups), then by a Kree Death Squad, and then by Gladiator, an Imperial Guard of the Shi'ar. The Starjammers, made up of Cyclops, the Silver Surfer, Binary, Nova and Lockheed, stopped a rogue Skrull ship from destroying Earth on their way to warn Havok.

Havok and Cyclops meet, supposedly for the first time in this universe, but they both recognize each other immediately somehow and treat the meeting like it's no big deal. (Which it really isn't for Havok, since he grew up with his big brother back in his own universe).

Eventually Uatu steps in and kicks the other aliens off of Earth, claiming it as under his protection now that the Goblin Queen is dead.

Solicit Synopsis

  • It's the first appearance of the MUTANT X Universe's CYCLOPS! HAVOK and little SCOTTY SUMMERS take some time off for some quality family time. But their vacation is cut short when a group of Skrulls identify ALEX's child as a source of almost limitless power - and decide to destroy him!

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