Quote1 It is as though a part of me has died and been reborn. Reborn into something truly evil. Quote2
-- Cerebro

Appearing in "The Ripple Effect"

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Synopsis for "The Ripple Effect"

The Six watch in horror as footage of the nuclear blast at the X-Men's HQ comes rolling in. President Graydon Creed pardons all former SHIELD members, including Nick Fury, claiming they were under the Goblin Queen's spell, and Cerebro arrives at Bannerman Castle barely alive, stating that all of the X-Men are dead.

Just then a SHIELD Helicarrier shows up and SHIELD agents try to capture The Six. They escape through the Hudson River in a Blackbird and meet up with Forge and Kitty at Forge's HQ, the Eagle's Rest. There they meet up with Captain America, Sebastian Shaw and Sunfire to discuss the freedom of mutants as SHIELD is going around locking them all up. Forge unveils the next generation of Cerebro, and Sunfire turns out to be a double agent, then trying to destroy the machine and everyone else there.

The Six, Kitty, Forge and Captain America escape, but the base is destroyed when Sunfire kills himself.

Out of the wreckage of the base crawls the latest incarnation of Cerebro, and he looks evil.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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