Quote1.png Time to bury my Belle. Then I'm leaving this town. Quote2.png
-- Gambit

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Synopsis for "God and Man"

A Mutant kid is on the run from bigots in Savannah, Georgia. The Six step in and save him while turning the bigots into snowmen with the help of Iceman. SHIELD is hot on their trail, and with the help of the new Bastion Model Sentinel, are able to predict where the Six is headed.

On a quest to seek out powerful mutants and help them escape the grasp of SHIELD, the Six find themselves in New Orleans and are confronted by members of the United Guilds of Thieves and Assassins. SHIELD shows up, so they go see Gambit, the Guilds' leader before they are caught. Gambit gets upset that Havok brought mutants into his home, believing that they are the cause of the increased SHIELD activity in New Orleans. As Havok and Gambit argue, SHIELD attacks the HQ, killing Bella Donna as her brother Julien becomes a traitor and takes little Raven with him as he leaves with SHIELD. Bella Donna's death results in Gambit joining the Six to get his daughter back.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Will the MUTANT X version of Gambit join the Six?! Havok continues his search for the final addition to his team - and stumbles right into the clutches of the unified Thieves and Assassins Guilds... who are joined by Belladonna and Remy LeBeau! But is Gambit friend of foe?!

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