Quote1 And the moniker which you find humorous has served me well for much longer than you would believe. Quote2
-- Sinister

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Synopsis for "The Wake Up Call"

Havok has a nightmare about the team being killed, and wakes up to find everything fine with Captain America standing guard. Questioning who Cap really is, he goes for a walk to clear his head.

He's abducted at the riverside by his brother, Cyclops, warning him that someone is hunting them both. That person chases them down and captures them both, imprisoning them on his ship.

When they wake and find themselves powerless and strapped down, Scott recounts the capture of the rest of the Starjammers and why he had to come back.

The man who captured them turns out to be Sinister, who just wants a little more data from their DNA. after a bit he leaves them again, and Havok manages to get a finger free and destroy the machines that are holding them. They blow up the ship and run, splitting up to be less of a danger to each other.

Behind the scenes, we see that Sinister planned the whole thing, even their escape, and with the help of Jean Grey, he has created his X-Man.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Cyclops is back! But even in the world of MUTANT X, Scott and Havok can't get together without trouble brewing! With anti-mutant feelings swelling, the Living Pharaoh taps the power of the mutant brothers - and catapults the Summers siblings into a conflict larger than even they could imagine!


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