Quote1 His name is Castle. They call him The Punisher. Quote2
-- Jean Grey

Appearing in "...America's Future!"

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Synopsis for "...America's Future!"

Jack and Diane are two kids from different backgrounds who both grow up hating mutants and join SHIELD.

Nick Fury addresses them on their initiation, and they train by killing Skrull captives who shape-shift into mutants who are currently at large.

The Six defend a young mutant who is being hunted by SHIELD, and Jack and Dianne are the pair who find him.

Dianne turns out to be the mutant the Six really came to protect, and this fact separates the life long friends forever.

Jean Grey shows up to help the Six escape from the backup Jack called, who happens to be Frank Castle and his squad of assassins. They're shocked she's even alive.


Cover art: signed by Pollina and Pepoy on the original art.[1]

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