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Quote1.png For even as we wasted our time with his minions. . . Apocalypse walks amongst us! Quote2.png
-- Professor Xavier

Appearing in "The Coming"

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Synopsis for "The Coming"

Charles Xavier is on the run in New York City. He's running from Apocalypse's horsemen, who are about to catch him until he lets out a psychic scream for help.

Luckily the Six are waiting to meet Scotty and Elektra in Central Park when they hear the call for help. They rush to Xavier's aid and fight off the horsemen, only to find out that Apocalypse has risen again!

Solicit Synopsis

  • Professor X is still alive on the world of Mutant X! But where's he been all these years? Will Havok, Iceman, Brute, Captain America, Gambit and Bloodstorm get the answers they seek when they cross paths with Charles Xavier? Maybe not, because the Horsemen of Apocalypse (led by The Fallen) ride tonight!


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