Quote1.png You think you can defeat me? You are nothing! Apocalypse is nothing. You are all nothing! Quote2.png
-- Professor Xavier

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Synopsis for "Everything You Thought You Knew..."

Havok is lost in his dreams again, having one of the nightmares which have become a theme to his visit to Earth-1298. He wakes up back in Bannerman Castle with the Six just as it was when he first arrived in this universe. Of course, he freaks out, and the team tries to calm him and convince him this is all true.

He later sees Jean Grey outside his window, which serves to confirm his suspicions about this all being real. Maddie fights Jean off and convinces Havok it's a trick by their enemies.

So Xavier shows up at the castle to talk to Havok about what is happening. Charles says that Apocalypse is manipulating Alex and starts to implant some memories in his mind when Jean shows up in Astral form, and she and Xavier fight psionically. Charles wins, and they head to Apocalypse's hideout to destroy him.

Jean shows up again, and Havok is finally convinced that Xavier is up to no good when he starts spouting off some superior-than-thou stuff and tries to kill them all.

Havok wakes up in a stupor, surprisingly in the care of Apocalypse and Jean Grey.

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