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Quote1.png The time has come for all pretense to fall. Time for you all to know exactly what it is you face. Quote2.png
Professor X

Appearing in "The Good... the Bad... and Things Get Ugly!"

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Synopsis for "The Good... the Bad... and Things Get Ugly!"

Alex is upset because he woke up in the care of Apocalypse and Jean Grey. Just as he's about to bring down the place around their heads, Magneto, back from the dead, talks him down.

Mags tells Havok that Apocalypse saved the lives of the X-Men from the Nuclear explosion, at the cost of his health, and he is now dying.

They all move up to Magneto's Arctic Base, and he tells the tale of Charles Xavier. Charles and Magneto worked side by side to created the X-Men, and one day they faced the Shadow King. They barely won, as Charles seemed to barely be able to destroy him. Xavier's personality changed, becoming aggressive and disappearing for months at a time. Magneto fell in love with Moira MacTaggert, and when the Juggernaut came looking for revenge on his brother, Charles stepped in and accidentally killed Moira with a stray psionic blast aimed at his brother. She died, and Magneto and Xavier stopped being friends. Charles disappeared and Magneto only heard rumors of a mutant who was manipulating the minds of all of humanity, but could not find out who it was, and refused to believe it was his friend.

As Xavier gained power by ensuring he was the most powerful telepath on the planet, Sinister pointed out that Apocalypse was the only one strong enough to stand in Xavier's way, and an alliance was formed.

Havok head back to Bannerman Castle, only to find that Xavier is there playing with Alex's son Scotty. Alex and Charles fight and Charles smacks both Elektra and Scotty in the process. This infuriates Havok, and he is about to escape with the rest of The Six when Xavier recovers and suits up to become Onslaught!


  • Cover art: signed by Green and Pepoy on the original art.[2]

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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